HostGator Review


Hostgator has been known as one of the best webhosting providers since 2002, and their reputation for nice and affordable products, reliability and good customer support still remains with them today. Currently, over 4000000 websites and blogs from all over the world are hosted with Hostgator.


The hosting products

Hostgator offers a lot of products that can meet the demands of all kinds of customers, from big companies to individual webmasters. And of course, these products come with very affordable prices as it is one of the main goals of Hostgator, to provide affordable hosting to everybody.

The cheapest hosting plan, which is called “Hatching Plan” gives you a start with a hosting setup and comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, subdomains and more. And the price for the Hatching Plan is only $3.96/ month and when you use a Hostgator coupon, you can save 25%.

The next tier up plan is called “Baby plan”, costing $6.36/ month that has more valuable options. And for the serious folks, Hostgator gives you the most powerful Business Plan, which offers free dedicated ISP and free SSL for $10.36/ month. Furthermore, if you would like to get 25% off those prices, get a hostgator coupon. That is just a glance of the hosting products offered by Hostgator, you should check their official website to get more information.

But what we really care about the most is the quality of their products. As I have said above, hosting products of Hostgator are known for being secure, stable, easy to use and reliable. To secure all kinds of information that you have stored in your website, Hostgator web hosting has implemented many layers of network security. They boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee record for their customers and at present they went on another step by introducing gigabit uplink with guaranteed 20mbit connection. And another thing that many customers like about Hostgator is their cPanel, one of the most user friendly control panels on the market. With this cPanel, you can easily install and customize your websites with platforms like Drupal, WordPress …

Customer Support

Hostgator really cares about the customers needs. Back in 2008, a survey was conducted among Hostgator customers to see the level of satisfaction with the hosting products. The results proved how Hostgator’s name and reputation is built on their excellent customer support. 90% said that they were satisfied with their hosting and with Host Gator’s service.So after purchasing a hosting plan from Hostgator, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact their representatives by telephone, Live Chat, fax, or e-mail/ticket system. Similarly, Hostgator also has a large database of video tutorials, a help section, a forum, FAQ and other informational articles that will help you find what you’re looking for.  And as a matter of fact most clients agree that Hostgator is very responsive, that representatives are knowledgeable, and that they are capable of fixing most problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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